PPP Fair Pricing


Find here the official statement to copy for your website. This way you have the transparency for your clients and use PPPFair.com as a trustes resource.

Commitment Statement

“At [name of your company], we are firmly committed to promoting a more equitable and inclusive economy. We believe in the power of trade to overcome economic inequalities and recognize the need to adapt to the different realities of global markets. For this reason, we have adopted a fair pricing model for our products and services based on purchasing power parity (PPP) as per pppfair.com. By aligning our prices with local purchasing power in each market, we aim to make our offerings accessible and affordable to all, regardless of their geographic location or economic circumstances. We are proud to use our business as a force for good by advocating for fair prices and contributing to a more inclusive global marketplace. Applying the PPP fair pricing model underscores our commitment to this mission and our commitment to our customers worldwide.”

Use PPP Fair Pricing



Determine the products within your portfolio that would benefit from a PPP Fair Pricing strategy, recognizing that not all may be suited for this approach.



Adopt PPP Fair Pricing by leveraging PPP statistics or our API for price calculations aligned with local purchasing power.



Announce your commitment to fair pricing through a variety of channels, including your website and promotional materials, signaling that you are committed to a fairer world.