Fair Pricing
for a
Fairer World


Purchasing power parity (PPP) makes it possible to compare economic productivity and living standards between countries. 

PPP Fair Pricing

Adopting a PPP fair pricing strategy not only fosters economic inclusivity and boosts your brand’s reach in diverse markets, but it also optimizes revenue by increasing sales volume, ensuring long-term business sustainability while making a positive social impact. By aligning prices with local purchasing power, businesses can gain a competitive edge, nurture customer loyalty, and decrease gray market activities, ultimately resulting in a higher market share and broader social development.

Companies Using PPP Fair Pricing

Benefits of PPP Fair Pricing

Economic Inclusivity

Market Expansion

Revenue Optimization

Brand Equity & Reutation

Competitive Advantage

Customer Loyalty

Sustainable Business Model

Reduction of Gray Markets

Higher Market Share Potential

Social Impact

Grow with PPP Fair Pricing

Adopting a PPP Fair Pricing strategy can transform your business growth, enhance your global market presence, and cultivate a more equitable economy. There are three key ways to integrate this innovative approach into your pricing strategy:


Research on Your Own

Understand Purchasing Power Parity and the economic factors influencing prices worldwide and why PPP Fair Pricing might be beneficial.

Use PPP Fair Pricing or our API

Use PPP Fair Pricing by researching official statistics or leverage our API on purchasing power insights and to set optimal prices automatically.


Spread the Word

Advocate for PPP fair pricing within your industry, share your success stories, and inspire a shift towards equitable pricing practices.

"It has always been difficult to set fair prices internationally, and it was especially challenging for us because we wanted to be as fair as possible - so adapting to PPP was the simplest and most elegant solution to our problem."

Dr. Andreas Maier

"Our #bethechange mission is to make as much of a difference as possible. We thought it would make a difference if we disclosed our pricing strategy and gave everyone access to fair prices and offered an API for everyone."

Benjamin Talin